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Henry Jameson 569abbda9d Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into shigusegubu 9 months ago
api Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into shigusegubu 9 months ago
backend_interactor_service Lists implementation 1 year ago
chat_service --fix 1 year ago
chat_utils --fix 1 year ago
color_convert --fix 1 year ago
completion --fix 1 year ago
component_utils Fix bug to get wrapped component prop name list 5 years ago
date_utils --fix 1 year ago
desktop_notification_utils Add desktop chat notifications 3 years ago
entity_normalizer Merge branch 'develop' of into fine_grained_moderation_privileges 1 year ago
errors deal with no-prototype-builtins 1 year ago
export_import Fix non-8bit string export problem 1 year ago
favicon_service handle multiple favicons (different sizes) 2 years ago
file_size_format fix filesizeformat const/let stuff 1 year ago
file_type experimental flash support through ruffle 3 years ago
follow_manipulate fix follow 3 years ago
follow_request_fetcher rename to promiseInterval 3 years ago
gesture_service Prevent hiding media viewer if swiped over SwipeClick 2 years ago
html_converter fix tests 10 months ago
lists_fetcher Lists implementation 1 year ago
locale --fix 1 year ago
matcher Added tag extractor method and spec 5 years ago
new_api --fix 1 year ago
notification_utils Merge branch 'develop' of into feat/report-notification 1 year ago
notifications_fetcher Fix lint stuff 1 year ago
offset_finder properly ignore sticky elements when calculating offset because they 1 year ago
promise_interval fix back button size, fix missing chat notifications being marked as read too eagerly, fix promiseinterval erroring when not getting a promise 3 years ago
push Make webpack 5 work 1 year ago
ruffle_service do not load ruffle multiple times! 3 years ago
status_parser StatusParser: Remove unused removeAttachmentLinks. 3 years ago
status_poster Add edit status functionality 1 year ago
style_setter Allow column width configuration 1 year ago
theme_data use new color slot for badges 12 months ago
timeline_fetcher Lists implementation 1 year ago
user_highlighter --fix 1 year ago
user_profile_link_generator Fix: Change condition 5 years ago
version update regex for commit hash 4 years ago
window_utils Add Chats 3 years ago
resettable_async_component.js properly implement resettableAsyncComponent 2 years ago