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HJ b5d4c43bc2 Merge branch 'tusooa/announcements-priv' into 'develop' 9 months ago
announcements.js Make announcements available to all with privileges 9 months ago
api.js Fix fetchTimeline error 10 months ago
auth_flow.js mfa: removed unused code 4 years ago
chats.js stop using vue.set 2 years ago
config.js make better defaults for user popovers, closer to OG behavior 11 months ago
editStatus.js Add edit status functionality 1 year ago
errors.js --fix 1 year ago
instance.js Include unpacked emojis in emoji picker 9 months ago
interface.js don't use wide mode for anon viewers 1 year ago
lists.js fix list tests 1 year ago
media_viewer.js gallery now supports flash, fixes for flash component. refactored media modal 2 years ago
oauth.js stop using vue.set 2 years ago
oauth_tokens.js Backend Interactor service overhaul, removed the need for copypasting 4 years ago
polls.js stop using vue.set 2 years ago
postStatus.js add new module and modal to post new status 4 years ago
reports.js Fix up and code review 2 years ago
serverSideConfig.js --fix 1 year ago
serverSideStorage.js fix leaky journal by running uniq on addToCollection entries 10 months ago
shout.js Fix no reactivity on vuex 4 values 2 years ago
statusHistory.js Add ability to view status history for edited statuses 1 year ago
statuses.js Merge branch 'search-pagination' into 'develop' 11 months ago
users.js Make API requests to edit note 10 months ago