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# SugoiDeCard
## What is it?
SugoiDeCard is a small-ish tool I made for sugoi game center in helsinki (you should visit
them!!). It's essentially an unconventional UI for YACardEmu that uses 20x4 LCD and an NFC
reader with the goal to essentially replace old paper-magnetic cards with modern IC cards
such as NESiCA or Aime, potentially it can work with RFID cards, including NFC tags and (heh)
credit cards (not really as supporting those takes some mysterious extra steps), as long as
NFC reader supports those.
Currently only supports 1 cab and 1 game which is Wangan Maxi3DX+ (probably works with older
- one instance of SugoiDeCard per cab
- mutliple cabs potentially possible but no checks are made if card is in used
- card renewal process is (really) broken
- doesn't like aime cards for some reason even though card reader i use (sorta)
supports them
## How to use it?
You will need following:
- Any device that can run YACardEmu and node.js
- i2c bus, i.e. USB-ISS (don't use USB-I2C) or possibly onboard i2c such as RPi's onboard
i2c buses, but it's up to you to drive I2C the distance if you're planning on using same
machine for multiple cards.
- NFC reader or possibly a smart card reader (not tested), make sure it works with PCSC-Lite
or at least exposes itself as a smartcard reader, there are some "readers" that expose
themselves as a "keyboard" just to enter card's ID - those won't work.
- Serial port (USB-to-serial will work)
- Wangan Maxi3DX+ cab, some cabling, anything you might need to connect serial port to the
machine. (TODO: Schematics for cabling)
Example working setup with a rpi:
TODO: make an image for pi
1. RPi3 will be driving (hehe) the whole thing
2. USB-ISS is used for I2C communications, connected to 20x4 character LCD via a
i2c "backpack". (currently only 20x4 display is supported, smaller screens
most likely won't be supported because we put up instructions there and there's
quite a lot of them even for a 20x4 screen)
1. devantech driver is used to expose USB-ISS as a syste
3. USB-Serial (RS-232 9pin DSub) is used with a breakout adapter, connected to
wangan midnight's mainboard (same port for steering wheel and for card reader!)
4. DietPi used as an OS.
5. Both YACardEmu and SugoiDeCard are started as SystemD services. 8082 is used
for communication between the two.